nErDcamp Bellingham, Jr., is here!

It’s been a slow rollout, but we are ready to announce nErdcamp Bellingham, Jr! Here are the details you need:

When: Saturday, March 20, 10am-1pm (Pacific Time)

Where: On Zoom

Who: K-12 students and many generous authors and illustrators

How: Register here! Space is limited, so register your child early (and cancel your order if you can’t make it, so you can free up your slot)

We are so excited to put on this event. Thanks to a generous group of local (and one national) authors and illustrators, we are putting on a day of reading and illustrating workshops for students in grades K-12. All attendees will be able to attend three workshops, with a 10 minute break in between for stretches and snacks.

If you know of kids who might be interested, register them or send them the link and pump them up for a great day of celebrating reading and writing and art!

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Update on nErDcamp Bellingham Junior

Update time! nErDcamp Junior will be Saturday, March 20, from 10am-1pm PST. Registration opening very soon!

A few interested folks spent an evening last week fleshing out the idea of what nErDcamp Junior will look like. And now we are ready for some next steps!

As a reminder, the general inspiration for this event is the Young Authors Conference, held at Skagit Valley College. This even provides two writing and one illustrating sessions for young attendees. We’re looking to create something like this for young readers, writers, and illustrators in our region. Here are the bare bones of the plan for how we could make this thing happen:

  • Tentatively planning for a Saturday morning (9-12) in late February or early March
  • 3-4 main Zooms, broken down by grade level: K-2, 3-5, 6-12 (or split middle and high school)
  • Breakout rooms within each Zoom, with a schedule for each. Attendees (the kids) would attend sessions in different breakouts in their grade level Zoom.
  • Sessions can range from 20-50 minutes in length, depending on presenter preference

Our goal will be to have a support person for each presenter (teacher, librarian, other potentially tech-savvy person) to manage needs so the presenter can focus on kids and  the topic at hand.

We have a survey for presenters and a survey for support people. Please fill out the appropriate survey. And please forward this to friends and colleagues that might be interested in playing a part.

Presenter Survey– Take this survey if you are an author or illustrator and want to present a workshop for kids

Support Person SurveyTake this survey if you would like to help make sure workshops come off without a hitch.

Thanks! Let us know if you have any questions!

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2021 is all about the kids

Remember February 2020? We were so honored to be “the last hurrah” for many, before everything went sideways and life became so very, very different. Bringing together people with a common passion is a huge part of nErDcamp, and now “bringing people together” is on the list of things we shouldn’t do.

We’ve been doing a lot of thinking about nErDcamp 2021. These are strange times (maybe you’ve noticed), and nErDcamp obviously can’t run the same way it has in the past. We know that some nErDcamps have run a virtual event, and we did consider it. However, the WWUCLC will have an event on February 27 that will have a nice nErDcampy feel (which we encourage you to attend–more info about that coming out soon). For nErDcamp, we have an idea for something meaningful and important, but different. We’d like to make this one for the kids.

For many years, we’ve dreamed about a nErDcamp Junior. If you’ve ever attended or worked the Young Authors Conference put on by NWESD, we envision something like that, but virtually on Zoom. Authors and illustrators sharing a little bit of their time and a little bit of their expertise to work with groups of students around some area of their craft. This seems like a great year to try this out. The first nErDcamp Bellingham Junior, February 28, 2021.

Here is what we would need to make this happen:

  • Authors and illustrators willing to lead sessions for students.
  • Others (educators, librarians, others) to partner with presenters in each session, to help things run smoothy.
  • People to help us organize such an event. Needs include messaging to students/parents/teachers/librarians, setting up Zoom rooms and logistics, probaby other things, too.

If this is something that sounds appealing and interesting to you, please let us know. If you would be willing to participate or help out, please let us know. If you think this is a crazy idea that could never work, please let us know (politely). If you have questions or would like to volunteer, participate, or anything else, contact

Thanks. Have a great end of October.

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Guest announcement #8

You have to be here. Seriously. March 1. Put it in your calendar. In pen.

Barbara Davis-Pyles

Royce Buckingham

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Guest announcement #7

We so hope you can join us on March 1. It will be quite a day!

J. Anderson Coats

Anait Semirdzhyan

Rena Priest

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Guest announcement #6

Just over a month to go! We hope you are as excited as we are.

Jennifer K. Mann

Mark Maciejewski

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Guest announcement #5!

Only a bit more than six weeks until nErDcamp Bellingham (and early bird rates for the WWU Children’s Literature Conference end this week)! We hope you can join us. You’ll have the best time.

We are honored to welcome these guests. We’d be honored if you would join us, as well.

Sarah Jane Marsh

Kerri Kokias

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Guest announcement #4

Happy holidays! Our gift to you is a time and place to gather with colleagues to share, grow, learn, and connect. We hope you can join us, along with these guests:

Laurie Ann Thompson

Sara Nickerson

Mark Holtzen

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Guest announcement #3!

More guests to announce! We are so lucky.


Donna Barbara Higuera

[Her books don’t even have covers yet! Lupe Wong Won’t Dance (Sept 2020, Levine Querido) and El Cucuy Is Afraid (Spring 2021, Abrams)]

Kjersten Hayes

Beth Bacon

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Guest announcement #2!

We are so lucky to have dedicated, generous, talented authors and illustrators in the Pacific Northwest! And we’re so glad that some will be with us on March 1, for nErDcamp!

Kim Baker

Ann Haywood Leal

Ellie Peterson

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