What is nErDcamp?

nErDcamp is an “unconference,” based on the EDcamp model, but with a focus on literacy in learning. It is dubbed “nErDcamp” in a nod to the online movement known as #nerdybookclub and to appeal to the book nerds we are all proud to be.

An unconference differs from a traditional conference because the topics and sessions are determined and led by the participants. It is an opportunity for attendees to share their expertise and learn from each other. There are no exhibitors or commercial components. We have made a conscious decision to be swag-free (though we will have giveaways!). Our focus is on sharing and learning. The event is and always will be free of cost.

nErDcamp Bellingham will consist of three 45-minute sessions–all in the morning–and a wrap up, giveaways, and closure after lunch. When you arrive in the morning, you’ll have time to connect and chat with fellow educators. A large, blank session board will be prominently displayed. During the morning, you might post a topic for a session you’d like to lead. You might see a session topic that you’d like to assist with. Or, you might just watch as your colleagues post topics, and agonize of which sessions you want to attend.

Some sessions might focus on a strategy, tool, or idea. Others might run more like a large group discussion. The format–and the topic–is up to you!

nErDcamp is a free event, and we will attempt to accommodate as many people as possible. A link for registration can be found on the “Register” page.

nErDcamp Bellingham is scheduled to coincide with the Western Washington University Children’s Literature Conference, to capitalize on the expertise of conference attendees. We have always felt that the one thing that was missing from WWUCLC was an opportunity to connect with and learn from the many wonderful educators in attendance. Now we have a venue for that invaluable collaboration and learning!

nErDcamp Bellingham was inspired by the first literacy-focused EDcamp, nErDcamp Michigan, and the second edition, nErDcamp Northern New England.

2 responses to “What is nErDcamp?

  1. Marilyn Newman

    I am a retired school media specialist. I have had several preschool literacy programs mostly implemented through grants, such as Preschool Happenings, Born to Read, themed taxonomies, Pajama Tales, and a Preschool library in a public school. I wrote a book called CyberLit (Scarecrow Press, 2003). I would be happy to share.

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