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Wait, what does a nErDcamp session even look like?

So. You’re signed up for nErDcamp. You’re ready to learn from your experienced, expert colleagues. You think you might want to lead a session, but you have no idea how to do that. You’ve come to the right blog post!

Edcamps are such a versatile, flexible structure. Sessions could be designed in near infinite ways. But here are some baseline formats for you to ponder:

  • The “prepared” session – The leader for this type of session has perhaps presented on the topic to their building or district. They might have a PowerPoint or something like it. The session runs mostly like a presentation.
  • The “Teaching” about something session – This type of session is a lot like the prepared session, but less planned out. The presenter probably doesn’t have a PowerPoint or anything. This session would be a little more free-form, and could be about a strategy, tool, program, etc., that the presenter uses. Often includes a lot of discussion.
  • The discussion session – For this type of session, the “leader” is more like a facilitator. They may present an initial topic or question. The group discusses. The trajectory can often shift, and the facilitator can choose to redirect, or go with the flow. Lots of discussion.
  • The “I need help with this, let’s all talk about it” session – Similar to the discussion session, but with an emphasis on solving a problem or puzzling something out. The leader/facilitator presents a problem, and the group shares solutions they have used, brainstorms possibilities, etc.
  • The “sharing” session – This type is also similar to the discussion session. The purpose of the sharing session is to endorse/recommend/share/promote/gush over different resources/tools/titles/etc. on a particular topic. Examples of sharing sessions could be #TitleTalk, for book titles, or “Using tech in writing workshop,” for tech tools in use while teaching writing.

As you can see, sessions can go a lot of different ways. It is important to remember that you do not have to have something prepared to lead a session. Usually, discussion gets rolling, and the facilitator/leader hardly has to do anything at all!

When you arrive at nErDcamp Bellingham, and you’re staring up at those blank spaces on the session board, you’re right: They are calling your name. Don’t be nervous. Jump in! We’re excited to learn from you!


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Want clock hours? You can have them!

Thanks to the Bellingham School District, we will have 5 clock hours available for whoever wants them. The cost is $15. The easiest way to go about this is to preregister. Six (sort of) simple steps!

  1. Go to
  2. If you are a Bellingham employee, use the top button. If not, use the bottom button to create an account.
  3. Go through the steps to create your account.
  4. Select course number 238 – NERD Camp.
  5. On the payment page, you may be required to select “Bellingham Employee Paid Clock Hours,” since there seems to be no other option (this is what I had to do).
  6. For ease of payments, please print out your invoice and bring it with you to nErDcamp, along with cash or check (no credit cards–sorry).

Registration is possible on the day of the event, but preregistering will make things much easier. Same goes for bringing your invoice.

Access this information anytime by clicking on the “Clock Hours” link at the top of this page.

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16 days and counting!

That’s right, just 16 days until the first nErDcamp Bellingham. Can you believe it?

We’ll have some giveaways. We’ll have some coffee. We’ll even have some authors joining us. But the real stars of nErDcamp Bellingham will be YOU! We can’t wait to find out what you have to share. Collecting such a passionate group of nerds in one place is sure to result in amazing things.

We are currently at 41 registered attendees. Tell your friends! Tell your colleagues! Join us for an amazing day!

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