Idea Board and Schedule

What would you like to learn about and discuss at nErDcamp Bellingham? Since this is an edcamp, don’t feel like you have to stick to a traditional presentation model. Think about what would help all participants get the most out of a session. Remember, our nErDcamp has a literacy focus. Respond with your ideas for sharing and learning by posting a comment below.

Some sessions may be led by participants who want to share a strategy, tool or idea that has worked for them (ex: Using Evernote in the classroom). Other sessions may be more like round table discussions in which participants discuss and share ideas on a topic (ex: How to engage reluctant readers, or Title Talk).

As of right now, we plan to have 12 one-hour sessions, with four happening at concurrently (we will add more if our numbers necessitate it). We are hoping to have a variety of topics, spanning reading, writing, and speaking, as well as across grade levels.

So, how about it? What do you want to learn (or teach) about? Share your ideas as comments below!


2 responses to “Idea Board and Schedule

  1. I’m just excited to be there. Will be with Valerie Stein and Julie Artz to talk about our local history for kids platform. Been teaching independent school gifted ed to 3rd graders for ten years. Taught at public school in CA for six years. Now am taking some time to write and be a home-daddy. Enjoying some newfound energy for some creative educating pursuits! Looking forward to nerding out on kid lit and educating!

  2. I’m working with a team of authors -see Mark’s comment below (how didn’t I see the invitation to share here?) on a WA state history resource for middle grade teachers & students. It’s online, with printable/shareable content we want teachers to test in the classroom. We need help to tailor our offerings to your needs! We have an extensive resource page, a blog featuring current events, and article collections to print or project for your class. We’re also ready to invite new authors to write for us. Looking for curriculum testers, writers, partnerships and grant opportunities to help this project grow. Plus, so excited to come and learn!

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